Tinder Dog - your new best friend

Spring Copenhagen’s latest product, the Tinder Dog piggy bank, was inspired by Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tale The Tinderbox. It is an ideal christening or birthday present and will last a lifetime – as a piggy bank in childhood and as an ornament on the window ledge in adulthood.

Jesper Wolff can clearly remember the piggy banks on the window ledge of his bedroom.

He remembers how quickly he learned how to get coins out of the piggy banks, because his parents had the key to it. He recalls what his piggy banks looked like. He can even remember the competitions he had with his brother to build the highest coin tower.

He has now translated his memories into a brand new Spring Copenhagen product: The Tinder Dog piggy bank.

Inspired by the fairy tale "The Tinderbox"

For a long time, Jesper Wolff had the idea of incorporating Hans Christian Andersen’s characters and fairy-tale universe into his designs.

So it was a no brainer to use The Tinderbox as a basis for the initial prototypes for Tinder Dog.

“I remembered that the dogs in The Tinderbox, who sit on the chests and guard the money, have a very characteristic appearance. I clearly remember the illustrations. At the same time, a dog is a man’s best friend. I own a dog, so for me it makes absolute sense for my best friend to guard my money,” he says.

The Scrooge McDuck coin-stacking competition

In Jesper Wolff’s bedroom there were two piggy banks. One was red, looked like a Hoptimist and was totally simple.

Like many other children he also had Danske Bank’s classic, Pondus, with the red scarf.

He confesses that he soon discovered the trick of jiggling the coins out of his piggy bank with the use of a knife. So he did not get to save much money. But he also remembers how, from time to time, the knife trick was not about getting out the coins for buying sweets.

“My brother also had a piggy bank like my red Hoptimist. So, even though we weren’t very good at saving, I can remember that we occasionally held a competition. We would both empty our piggy banks onto the floor and stack coins in true Scrooge McDuck style.”

A piggy bank to last a lifetime

“I want Tinder Dog to be a birthday or christening present that can accompany the owner throughout his or her life. When you make decent quality products out of wood, over the years the wood acquires a beautiful patina. That means each product takes on its own identity,” explains Jesper Wolff.

“You can take Tinder Dog with you on your life’s journey. Initially you’ll use it as a piggy bank. You’ll pick it up with your greasy fingers and it will acquire its own features. When you’re older, maybe you’ll use it as an ornament in your home – or pass it on to your grandchildren.”

Design to make you smile

For Jesper Wolff it is important for his designs to generate life, energy and, most of all, smiles. Any design should have its own special expression that makes you smile when you look at it.

That was exactly the same though behind his salt- and pepper-grinder set: The Pepper Owl and The Snowy Owl.

“A salt grinder shouldn’t just be about grinding salt. It’s great when design triggers a conversation or a feeling. I also think it’s great to apply design to a piggy bank. I have my own particular approach to design. I want any design of mine to provide an experience – not only when you use it, but also when it’s in your home and you just look at it.”