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Most of Spring Copenhagens items and products in this online shop is to be found and can be bought in the physical stores and dealers we are working with internationally. See and find stores and dealers here: www.springcopenhagen/dealers

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Denmark & International orders: shop@springcopenhagen.com.
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Terms and Conditions of Sale
The following General Terms and Conditions of Sale concern the offer and sale of products on the website www.springcopenhagen.com owned, launched and maintained by: Spring Copenhagen ApS, Sandvejen 26, 4000 Roskilde, Denmark, CVR/VAT-no: 37156736, Telephone: +45 3168 5854 (Monday to Thursday: 09.00-15.30 (CET), Friday: 09.00-14.30 (CET))

Requests for information should be made to:

Denmark & International orders: shop@springcopenhagen.com.
Norway: shop.no@springcopenhagen.com

We try to respond as quickly as possible to your enquiry. In busy periods, our respond time might be up to five business days.

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Spring Copenhagen ApS
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Spring Copenhagen ApS (“we” or “Spring Copenhagen”) is the data controller, and we ensure that your Personal Data is processed in accordance with the applicable laws.

When you convey information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person (“Personal Data”) on the Spring Copenhagen website (the “Website”) we collect and process that information. The protection of your Personal Data is important to us and we wish to explain how we handle your Personal Data.

In order to protect your Personal Data as best possible, we continuously assess the level of risk that our data processing affects your rights. We are particularly aware of the risk of you being subject to discrimination or identity theft, or to suffer financial loss, loss of reputation or data privacy.

What kind of Personal Data do we collect?
We collect your name, bank information, address, phone number and address when you shop on the Website, and your e-mail address, when you sign up for our newsletter.

For which purpose do we use your Personal Data?
We use your Personal Data to send you our newsletter or to facilitate your purchase on the Website. The information may also be used for statistics about the use of the Website.

We only process relevant Personal Data
We only process Personal Data about you that are relevant and sufficient in relation to the purposes defined above. The purpose is crucial for the kind of data that are relevant to us. The same applies to the amount of Personal Data we process – we do not process more Personal Data than needed for the specific purpose.

We process only the required Personal Data
We collect, process and store only the Personal Data acquired to meet the already established purposes. Additionally, it may be decided by law which data we are required to collect and store to run our business. The type and extent of the Personal Data we process may also be required to fulfil a contract or other legal obligation.

We want to ensure that we process only the Personal Data necessary for each of our specific purposes. Therefore, our IT systems collect only the Personal Data necessary by default. It is also automatically ensured that the amount of processing is not unnecessarily large, and the storage time is not too extensive.

To protect you from unauthorized persons accessing your Personal Data, we use IT solutions that automatically ensure that your data are only available to the relevant employees. There is furthermore embedded protection against an unlimited number of persons receiving access to your data.

We amend any inaccurate Personal Data about you
As our services are dependent on your Personal Data being accurate and up to date, we ask that you provide us with relevant changes to your Personal Data, so we can alter our register accordingly. You can use the contact details above to notify us of any changes.

For how long do we keep your Personal Data?
We delete your Personal Data, when they are no longer necessary to meet the purpose for which we gathered, processed and stored it. We delete your Personal Data at your request according to section 12, or upon termination of your subscription to the newsletter.

We will obtain your consent before processing your Personal Data
We obtain your consent before processing your Personal Data for the purposes described above unless we have another legal basis for collecting them, such as a legal obligation or a sales contract when you shop at the Spring Copenhagen Webshop.
Your consent is voluntary and can be withdrawn at any time by contacting us. We make sure that it shall be as easy to withdraw as to give your consent. Please contact us on the following address, if you would like to withdraw your consent or have any questions concerning the above: info@springcopenhagen.com

If we wish to process your Personal Data for another purpose, we will inform you and obtain your consent before we begin the processing of your Personal Data. If we have other legal grounds for processing your Personal Data than your consent, we will inform you accordingly.

We do not disclose your Personal Data without your permission
In some cases, we will pass on the Personal Data to others. The passing on of Personal Data will take place to the extent and to whom it is necessary in order for us to send you our newsletter or to facilitate your purchase on the Website.

Your Personal Data may be passed on to: (i) suppliers with whom we cooperate to support our company (e.g. suppliers of services and technical support); or (ii) if it is required by law, court order or another legal obligation.
If we transfer your Personal Data to collaborators or other parties, including for marketing purposes, we obtain your consent and inform you of how your data will be used. You may object to this kind of disclosure at any time and you can exclude yourself from marketing requests in the CPR registry.
We will not obtain your consent if we are legally required to disclose your Personal Data, for example, as part of reporting to a public authority or institution.

Data Security – what measures do we take?
We take precautionary measures of technical and organizational nature to protect your Personal Data from manipulation, loss, destruction or access from unauthorized persons. Our precautionary measures are revised on a regular basis in order for us to meet the legislative requirements for a suitable data security system.
However, we cannot guarantee that the data are completely protected against individuals who want to and succeed in breaking our precautionary measures and gain access to transfer information on the Internet, e.g. via e-mail.
In case of a security breach that results in high risks of discrimination, identity theft, financial loss, loss of reputation or other significant inconvenience, we will notify you of the security breach without undue delay.

Cookies – we obtain your consent before installing Cookies
Before we install cookies on your equipment, we ask for your consent. However, cookies required to ensure functionality and settings can be used without your consent.
You can find more information on the Website about our use of cookies and how to delete or reject them. If you want to revoke your consent, please see the instructions in our Cookie Policy.

Access – you are entitled to access your Personal Data
You are entitled to know which Personal Data we process about you, from where they originate, and for which purpose we use them. We will let you know for how long we store them and who receives them.
At your request, we will disclose what data we process about you. Access may, however, be limited for the protection of other persons' privacy, trade secrets and intellectual property rights. You can exercise these rights by contacting us by e-mail at info@springcopenhagen.com

Rectification or Deletion – you are entitled to have inaccurate Personal Data corrected or deleted
If you believe that the Personal Data we treat about you are inaccurate, you are entitled to have them corrected. You can contact us and inform us of the inaccuracies and how they can be corrected.
In some cases, we will have an obligation to delete your Personal Data. This applies, for example, if you withdraw your consent. If you believe your Personal Data are no longer necessary for the purpose for which we obtained them, you may want to have them deleted. You may also contact us if you believe your Personal Data are being processed in violation of the law or other legal obligations.
When you convey a request to correct or delete your Personal Data to us, we will investigate whether the conditions are met and, if so, make changes or deletions as soon as possible.

Complaints – you are entitled to object to the processing of your Personal Data
You have the right to object to the processing of your Personal Data. You can also object to our disclosure of your data for marketing purposes. You can object by e-mail at info@springcopenhagen.com.  If your opposition is justified, we will stop processing your Personal Data.

Data portability – you are entitled to retrieve your Personal Data
You are entitled to receive the Personal Data you have made available to us and those, if any, we have collected from a third party based on your consent. If we process Personal Data about you as part of a contract to which you are a party, you have the right to receive these Personal Data as well. You also have the right to transfer these Personal Data to another service provider. If you wish to exercise your right to data portability, we will transfer your Personal Data to you, or to the service provider of your choice, in a commonly used format.

Contact us, if you want to exercise your rights
Please contact us by e-mail info@springcopenhagen.com
If you wish to access your data, have them corrected or deleted, or object to our data processing, we will investigate and respond to your request as soon as possible and no later than one month after we receive your request.

If we do not fully comply with your objection, you have the right to file a complaint with the Danish Data Protection Agency (Datatilsynet) by following the instructions on the Danish Data Protection Agency’s website.

Content, product availability and prices – disclaimer
Spring Copenhagen ApS strives, to the fullest extent possible, to provide accurate and updated content on this website. Unfortunately, there may occasionally be price changes, sold out goods and other unintentional errors on our site. We reserve the right not to be held liable for these errors or changes and neither Spring Copenhagen ApS, nor any employee, partners or representative of Spring Copenhagen ApS can be held liable for damages arising from the use of this website or the products sold here.

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Cookies are needed to get the website to work, and for you to have a good shopping experience. Cookies help us to know a little bit about how you use our website, and this improves the browsing experience both for you and others. The cookies used on this site are primarily used for traffic measurement and to improve the content of the website. If you continue to browse on this website, you accept the use of cookies. Most browsers are initially set up to accept cookies. If you prefer, you can set your browser to reject cookies. However, you will not be able to take full advantage of our website if you do so. For more information and how to delete cookies, please read our cookie policy.

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Spring Copenhagen ApS. A cookie is a small data file, which we save on your computer to keep track of what is happening during your visit and to recognise the computer. A cookie is not a programme and does not contain viruses. The website's use of cookies are necessary to get the website function. Cookies also helps us to keep track of your visit to the website, so we can constantly optimise and target the website to suit your needs and interests. Cookie remember, for example, what you have added to your basket, whether you have visited the site before, whether you are logged in and which language and currency you would like to have the website in. 

Here is the overview of the website's use of cookies and our partners in this regard:
These cookies are required in order for the website to provide a service, which the end user has explicitly requested. This could for example, be cookies, which are used to make the shopping basket to work. Preference cookies are used to ensure the best possible user experience on the website. It is, for example, selected preferences such as language, currency or selections, which make navigation easier. No personally identifiable data is gathered with this type of cookies.

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Applicable law
Any dispute arising between a customer and Spring Copenhagen ApS will be settled in accordance with the laws of Denmark.

www.springcopenhagen.com shop is open 24/7 all year. You must be 18 years old, and have a valid credit card to shop on our website. If you are not yet 18 years old, you can have an adult make the order for you. Please note, that the shop and the website might temporarily be down for maintenance.

In the checkout process you will need to fill in your details; like your name, shipping address etc. You can check the products and total amount during check out. When you have entered your informations and are complete with your orders, clicked ok to terms and conditions, and pressed ok, you have made a binding offer for the purchase of the items you have chosen.

At this stage your order is still subject to our acceptance. When we have accepted your order, we will obtain an authorization from your credit card company for the amount on the order. We are not withdrawing money from your card at this stage (made to order products will be withdrawn immediately to begin the production), but the amount will be reserved on your account. This is a normal process with banks and credit card companies. If your credit card is not authorized, your order will not be processed further. Directly after you have placed your order, you will receive a confirmation e-mail including the terms and conditions for your order.

Secure payment
No credit card fees are charged by us. Please note that it is not possible for us to charge a higher amount than the one approved by you.
All prices are listed including TAX & VAT. We accept: VISA, VISA ELECTRON, VISA DANKORT, DANKORT, MASTERCARD, PAYPAL, MAESTRO, SOFORT, IDEAL, Mobile Pay (DK) and more. 
Payment is processed via NETS and PCI-certified payment solution. NETS uses SSL-encryption. SSL is short for Secure Socket Layer and is a security protocol that ensures that data is encrypted in the communication between the customer, the Spring Copenhagen online shop and NETS. It is therefore not possible for third parties to intercept any credit card information. Furthermore, NETS is fully PCI certified. The purpose of the PCI standard is to have a common, international standard that defines a range of demands for storing, transmission and handling of credit card data – and how it should be ensured that the requirements are complied with.

Vat, customs and import duties
If your delivery country charges customs or import duties - these will be charged once the package reaches the destination country. You will have to pay these charges. This also applies to the purchase of gifts or other purchases made on behalf of another recipient.

Unfortunately, we have no control over customs and import charges and we cannot inform you how much they will be before you order. Customs policies vary widely from country to country. Please contact your local customs office for further information. All product prices, other services as shipping cost include tax (VAT). Please note that local VAT and customs duties might will apply upon receiving your package.

Company orders
Please contact info@springcopenhagen.com for further information and special deals.

We ship worldwide. The shipping charge depends on your delivery country and your purchase amount. Find your delivery zone below and see the shipping charges - as well as how much you need to order for to qualify for free shipping.

If your items are in stock your order is normally shipped from our warehouse within 1-3 business days form receiving your order. Most of our shipments are handled primary by UPS and GLS.

When your order is packed and on its way, you will receive an e-mail or sms from the transport company with a tracking number and an estimated date of the delivery. Larger orders: We ship your order with special carrier, depending on the country of delivery. You will be contacted directly by email after you placed the order with more information about delivery time and dates. Please see below for estimated delivery times.
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Shipping time: Please note that the listed duration is only an estimated delivery time.
Please allow 1-3 business days for packing. You will receive an e-mail from our system or our shipping partner with a tracking number and a more specific delivery date. Overseas, large orders please contact us. Please note that local customs and vat might will be charged when shipping outside Denmark.

You can cancel your order if it has not yet been shipped from our warehouse.
Contact us and we will help you:

Denmark & International orders: shop@springcopenhagen.com.
Norway: shop.no@springcopenhagen.com

If your order has been shipped from our warehouse you can not cancel your order. The order will be shipped to you, and you will have to handle it as normal return.

Order changes
You can change the shipping address on your order if it has not yet been shipped from our warehouse. If your new shipping address has a different shipping fee, you will have to pay the difference.
If your order has been sent from our warehouse you cannot change the shipping address or the contents on your order. The order will be sent to the original address, and you will have to handle it as normal return if you have changes.

Contact us and we will help you:
Denmark & International orders: shop@springcopenhagen.com.
Norway: shop.no@springcopenhagen.com

Returns & refunds

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Return shipping costs
The return shipment cost must be paid by you, and are not covered by Spring Copenhagen ApS.

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Damaged or faulty products

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or contact our customer service at:

Denmark & International orders: shop@springcopenhagen.com.
Norway: shop.no@springcopenhagen.com

Datasheets / Declaration of Conformity
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If you want to file a complaint about items, design and products bought at Springcopenhagen.com, you can contact Konkurrence- og Forbrugerstyrelsen (Denmark). You can also contact Online Dispute Resolution (European Commission). This is relevant for customers within the EU. When filing your complaint you must state our standard customer shop-service mail address: shop@springcopenhagen.com