Story is key in the quest for new designers

On a shelf in Peter Sørensen’s living room there stands a little piece of spectacular Danish design. It has been standing there for about ten years. It is quite unobtrusive, but nevertheless draws comments every time new guests drop in.

One evening in 2015, though, guest was not new, because Claus Nielsen often visits Peter.

At that time, Peter and Claus were partners in the events firm, Golazo, which among other ventures, arranged The Color Run in Scandinavia. At one point during the evening the figure on the shelf triggered a discussion about Danish design. The idea of challenging the design establishment by way of an innovative design company slowly began to take shape.

The little design piece in question was Sven Erik Tonn-Petersen’s iconic Pepper Bird from the 1960’s, and it engendered an ambition to work with Danish and Nordic design.

The story is the motivation

Both Peter and Claus grew up in homes characterised by a great love for Danish design and interior design in general. They both get a kick out of finding old stories and forgotten design classics in secret hiding places.

Story is the common thread that binds all the products they put on the market. The story must engage and awaken feelings, and ideally, create a difference in somebody’s home, the pair explain:

“The core of our products is always the story. We believe in rejuvenation and always try to think in terms of renewal. Mostly, we look for designs that have something timeless, archetypal and evocative - objects that can grow to become new classics. Fundamentally, we look for aesthetics, simplicity and functionality, but we also look for great quality,” Claus says, continuing:

“We love great ideas. And we love to bring the history of the idea to life and allow it to blossom. That's what gets us out of bed in the morning. We search in every nook and cranny, sometimes even hiring detectives, to find designs that have unique stories that will add something to the design world.”

Original design makes daily life more fun

The two partners agree that it is their slightly different approach to design that makes Spring Copenhagen something special. And they proudly declare their openness to new design:

“We believe anyone can come up with a great design idea. Great design doesn’t have to come only from trained designers or architects. And originality is extremely important to us. Daily life often becomes more fun if we surround ourselves with original design,” says Peter.

Spring Copenhagen works from a Danish and Nordic design perspective. And right from the start they aimed to work with the best in the business when it came to international distribution. In the long term, this is intended to secure international recognition for Spring Copenhagen.

Right now, though, the project is to make Spring Copenhagen design pieces instantly recognisable to Danish consumers. The easiest way to achieve this is to offer consumers outstanding products, the two design pioneers readily admit.

“We strive to find simple, unique designs with qualities that consumers actually need. When great design, quality, demand and value coalesce into a harmonious whole, it's quite magical. And no easy feat. We work hard with designers, our team and our suppliers to provide consumers with the very best product at the best price,” says Peter.

Design, a part of life for 15 years

Design is not an alien concept for the two partners.

They have run various enterprises over the last 15 years. In all their efforts, design played an influential role in the way they acted, thought and involved people.

“Design isn’t just the sort of products we make now. It’s also evident in the solutions for the way we act, prepare ourselves, how we communicate, sell and market ourselves.”

“We’ve both had businesses in the past where we worked directly on everything from packaging and user experience design to game and product design. We draw on all that acquired knowledge in developing Spring Copenhagen,” concludes Claus.