Spring Copenhagen strengthens organization to ensure international growth 

After three very successful years on the Danish market, Spring Copenhagen now intensifies its efforts for international growth. Therefore, the experienced Søren Murmann Gotfredsen joins the company as Head of Sales as per 1st of January 2019. The employment symbolises an important change in the company, which expects a million-amount turnover on the German market during the first year. 

Spring Copenhagen has established a company of Danish design and has been steadily growing over the past three years. Back in 2015, the company only offered one single product – today, it has more than 50 products in its portfolio.

With the success on the Danish and nearby markets, the potential must now be realised on the international markets. This is done by strengthening the sales organisation. Thus, Spring Copenhagen is now hiring the experienced Søren Murmann Gotfredsen as its new Head of Sales.

Gazelle and 15 years of experience
Søren has been working with service and relationship-building sales for more than 15 years – both on the retail and the contract market. For the past six years as sales director at UMAGE where he has achieved excellent results: The Gazelle Award in 2015 as the second-most growing company in Denmark and with the participation in the finale of the Danish-German Chamber of Commerce Award in 2016.

”Søren is the perfect match for Spring Copenhagen and our future projects. We have had great success on our local markets, and now we want to conquer the international markets. Søren has done that before with great success, which makes him the perfect choice as our Head of Sales,” says Claus Nielsen, partner at Spring Copenhagen.

Export to 40 countries and 2,000 retailers
With Søren as Head of Sales, Spring Copenhagen gets a colleague who is already excelling at growth. For six years, he has been a central part of growing UMAGE from 4 to 30 employees, established export to 40 countries, and built a network of more than 2,000 retailers.

”We look forward to benefiting from Søren’s experience. He has established sales organisations and distributor networks with great success. Furthermore, he has a solid knowledge of the industry that is crucial in order to build relationships. We are confident that he is able to establish a sales organisation that can yield the turnover we are aiming at,” says Peter Sørensen, partner at Spring Copenhagen.

The drive to take Spring Copenhagen to the next level
With secondments in Austria and Germany, Søren Murmann Gotfredsen joins Spring Copenhagen with international experience, network, and cultural understanding. In addition, he also offers a huge drive and dedication to his work.

”It is obvious to me that Spring Copenhagen has a great potential, and I look forward to managing our international growth. Thanks to my experience, my operational approach, and my strong strategic knowledge of the industry, I feel well prepared to take Spring Copenhagen’s international growth to the next level,” says Søren Murmann Gotfredsen.

Søren Murmann Gotfredsen will join the team on 1 January 2019 and will work from the premises in Copenhagen. His first job will be to open the doors to the German market, to develop an international strategy, and to establish an efficient sales organisation that provides the best service of the industry – nationally as well as internationally.