Vase, sweeping top
Design by Eva Stæhr-Nielsen

DKK 399

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Unique and very rare vases from Eva Stæhr-Nielsen are back.

We found the design in the archives of the Eva Stæhr-Nielsen family and decided to put these amazing, useful and very decorative vases back in production to the delight of ceramic connoisseurs.

One small egg white vase and two bigger in mint green.

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One of Denmark's finest ceramicists

During her career, Eva Stæhr-Nielsen was awarded several international design awards. She was awarded gold medal at The World Fair in Paris in 1937, honorary diploma in 1954 and also was awarded a gold medal at The Milan Triennial in 1957. She was also awarded prizes in Tokyo and USA and received several donations and marks of honour.

Today, her legendary stoneware designs are coveted among collectors all over the world.

Spring Copenhagen works closely with the Stæhr-Nielsen family in order to relaunch some of the unique and timeless design, Eva Stæhr-Nielsen created in the years from 1932 to 1968.

3 unique vases

One small vase in egg white and two bigger in mint green.

The vases have sweeping tops that makes them extremely functional and sculptural at the same time.

The small vase can stand alone as a design object or embellish a table with flowers of the season, leaves and twigs. The two big vases are perfect as decoration in the corners of the room or in the hallway.

It is worldclass stoneware that can make any home bright.

Specifications & maintenance

Size & weight:
19,7 x 15 cm
0,977 kg

35 x 27,5 cm
3,720 kg

50 x 38 cm
7,530 kg

Glazed stoneware.
Table- and floor vases.
Hand wash.
Please handle with care, clean it carefully.
Ceramics can leak, so be careful to put it on items that can’t tolerate moisture.

Package dimensions & weight:
20 × 15,5 cm
1,102 kg

35,4 x 30 cm
4,000 kg

54,5 x 40 cm