Expressions Big Bosses
Design by Benjamin Hansen


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The world around us is filled with powerful men. Some of them become head of state.

Hate them or love them – they are part of the media and our consciousness.

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Expressions Big Bosses are colourful interior design

Expressions Big Bosses is a modern way of designing the world-famous babushka dolls. You can use them as either decoration or toys.

They are handmade and they will fit in where you put them – either as one babushka or split into three significant characters.

Just as the other variations in the Expressions Series, Expressions Big Bosses express diversity. Even though you might recognise them.

Use them as a humorous input in your bookshelf, or let your kids get their hands on Donald, Vladimir and Kim.

When Benjamin Hansen began designing Expressions Big Bosses he immediately began thinking of three powerful men.

They have distinct expressions and were obvious for The Expression Series. Maybe you can see who they look alike – or you might see some different ones?

Buy Big Bosses as a compliment to someone you think is a huge boss. Or to someone having meanings about the big leaders in history.

Or what about giving them to your boss – may be as a present to the company Christmas party?

Specifications & maintenance

Size & weight:
14 / 10 / 7,5  x  7 / 5,2 / 4 cm
0,188 kg


Expressions series is an unique handmade, hand-assembled and hand-painted product in wood made by artisans. Clean it with a dry cloth. Open carefully, it is not a toy. Each piece is unique.

Package dimensions & weight:
15,5 x 7,5 cm
0,270 kg