Baby Seal
Design by Chresten Sommer


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Baby Seal is the smallest of Chresten Sommer’s two seals. It is built for your windowsill or your dresser – maybe in company with Female Seal – and adds Nordic touch, nature and a bit of Danish design tradition to your living room, bedroom or kitchen.

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High-quality wood design

The two seals are the first designs in our collaboration with Chresten Sommer. He is trained boatbuilder but with his seals, he shows an exceptional eye for wood design that brings life and dynamic into your home.

In the Danish design tradition, many designers have used the wildlife of the Nordic countries as their inspiration. Chresten Sommer walks in their path but adds his own, distinct style and an exquisite skillset. When the two seals lie next to each other it is almost as watching real seals in the wild.

Female Seal and Baby Seal are first-rate examples of woodcraft that hits bull's eye with proportions and expressions. It is a remake of wildlife when it is best. And in addition, it is high-quality, hand-made Danish design.

Add a touch af nordic living

The most exceptional thing about Baby Seal is that her head can be turned in every direction. It adds dynamic to the character, and you can change the expression continuously. That gives you the freedom to change the dynamic of your interior design. If Baby Seal is placed next to Female Seal it gives you unexpected possibilities for interaction between the two seals.

Baby Seal appeal to both kids and grownups – and they imitate wildlife on the Nordic hemisphere in an impressive manner. Put the two seals together and add a touch of Nordic living to your home.

Specifications & maintenance

Size & weight:
6 x 9,6 x 12,7 cm
0,81 kg

Oak, natural rubber 

The Baby Seal is an unique handmade and hand-assembled product in wood and there may be some minor variations from product to product. Clean it with a damp cloth. For better finish and maintenance use beewax occasionally on all our wooden products.

Package dimensions & weight:
15.9 × 14.7 × 5 cm
0,166 kg

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