The Royal Guard: A new Christmas classic

The Royal Guard with a nutcracker in his tummy is created from an undying love for nuts, shapes and colours. The SHFT-brand represents an endless play with colours and structures – and the nutcracker is no exception.

Designer Benjamin Hansen loves nuts. And he often finds inspiration for his designs through re-interpretation of known shapes and forms.

The Royal Guard’s color blocks, sharpness and almost adventurous status has come together with the desire to create a nutcracker that is not simply a nutcracker. 

Humour, colour and style

The sensational uniform adds notes of both humour and style. From the over sized bearskin shako and the bright-red jacket to the blue pants and shiny boots: The Royal Guard is a deeply rooted Danish symbol and a dramatic icon.

The response after the release of the Royal Guard with the nutcracker in his tummy has been precisely joy over the quirky marriage between a royal guard and a nutcracker and also admiration due to the design aesthetic and distinct colours.

The perfect New Classics

The Royal Guard nutcracker with its minimalistic and stylish appearance can easily blend in with the interior of your home or stand proudly on its own as the centerpiece of the table.

The mechanism itself twists like a cork screw and gently breaks all types of nuts without pieces of nutshells flying everywhere.

Benjamin Hansen himself uses his Royal Guard year-round, but the nutcracker has become somewhat of a Christmas classic already. The functionality and aesthetic qualities makes it the perfect gift: The quintessential New Classics.