KANT 9:3 – the perfect bowl

A study visit to Barcelona was the cornerstone for Benjamin Hansen's design career and love for nuts. 20 years after his first visit to the metropolis, Hansen is in the spotlight with KANT 9:3, which is the perfect bowl – especially for nuts.

Around 20 years ago Benjamin Hansen travelled to Barcelona to study and pursue his interest in art and design.

In the Catalan metropolis he first and foremost met beautiful architecture and the masterpieces of Gaudí.

But Benjamin also met a special entrepreneurial culture – and he was instantly captured by the colourful graphical universe of the city, characterized by refractions of boundaries and innovation.

Art project dedicated to nuts

Barcelona was the background for the aspiring designers everyday life for almost two years.

And it was in Barcelona that Benjamin Hansen develop a special affection for nuts.

Actually, he became so fond of nuts that he created an art projekt dedicated to nuts during his study visit. Especially the walnut's characteristic and beautiful shell caught Hansens attention.

Benjamin brought Barcelona's roaring inspiration back to Denmark. The colours, the shapes, the structures and the entrepreneurship – and the love for nuts.

Designed with pistachios and walnuts in mind

Fast forward to present time. Here, we meet KANT 9:3, that was originally developed from Benjamin Hansen's wish to design a nut bowl.

KANT 9:3 has been on somewhat of a journey. In the beginning it was shaped in tree, then continued to brass and steel and finally aluminium was chosen as the material, primarily because of aluminium's lightness. The largest bowl has 9 edges, and the smallest 3 – hence the name.

As soon as KANT 9:3 found its shape, it also developed a life of its own. Today Benjamin Hansen uses the bowl for everything from keys to credit cards, coins and of course nuts.

KANT 9:3 is rigorous geometry with a personal touch. KANT 9:3 is two bowls, four compartments and almost infinite opportunities for use – especially when there are nuts to crack.