Explorative design with wry thoughts

Troels Øder Hansen

Design has been on the cards, almost since Troels Øder Hansen's first day of school.

At the Vidar School, craftsmanship and practical experience was ranked alongside academic courses. Here, the younger version of Troels started working with wood, metal, ceramics, stone and graphics.

During his school years he continued his artistic development, and he had experiences with design in several contexts, among others Holbæk Art Folk School.

Therefore, is was a perfect natural development, that the next stop after graduation was The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts. Here, he finished his Master in Space and Furniture in 2004.

Experience from several branches of the design field

Since he graduated from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, he has worked intensely with design and concept development in various constellations: As partner and founder of the design company Kilo Design, as employee on the highly respected design bureau Kontrapunkt, with the drawing office Dull Days and now as independent in his own name.

Troels Øder Hansen has build experience from several branches in the design world: From complete interior designs, shops, showrooms and tv studios at home and abroad, over furniture and urban spaces to chairs, tables and product design.

Most recently, he has launched the products Set Up and Double Up together with Spring Copenhagen. Both products shines by their ability to function both as independent interior, but can also be combined with or extended with other elements.

Design needs a distinct idea

Troels Øder Hansens appreciates design with a distinct idea, preferably with undertones of wry, new and surprising thoughts. But what constitutes "good design" is not clear-cut. It always consists of a thought or an idea manifested in a physical object that is placed in a context.

The combination of these elements can vary very much in appearance, and therefore he always try to be explorative and methodical in his approach.

"I find huge satisfaction going through the process when developing a new idea, from concept to physical models. There is a fundamental challenge in every phase of design and concept development. I try to challenge myself and always try to learn new and become more adept at my craft."

Inspiration from digital furniture production

The desire to learn gave Troels Øder Hansen the idea to a study visit in London with the design company Unto This Last. During his stay he became acquainted with digital furniture production.

"Their way of combining high-tech techniques with local production was really inspiring. I like the idea of rethinking the systems and utilise the opportunities that are available now. I learned everything about pros and cons in digital production and will bring this knowledge with me in future projects where hands-on approach go hand in hand with the digital world."

The list of projects and potential future business partners is quite comprehensive. Already, his portfolio counts organisations such as University of Copenhagen, Danish Broadcasting Corporation, MTV and several popular designer brands. Recently, his abilities has taken him abroad, where he has developed a retail concept for the furniture company Stokke that has been launched in Singapore, Shanghai og Beijing.

The future certainly looks bright for one of the greatest design talents in Denmark.