Rebel on the lookout for poetry

Thor Høy

Thor Høy designed his first chair when he was just 11 years old. As a 15-year old he created a lamp. He has been a designer for Danish brands such us Georg Jensen and Rosendahl – and all his life he has been a little bit rebellious. Now he has spent some of his restless energy to set up his own jewellery business and launch a tumbler series for Spring Copenhagen. 

Thor Høy is an ever-thinking and constantly asking, creative mixed-breed dog. He combines genres, universes, educations and sometimes even himself.

He is trained carpenter, has been in the armed forces working as an engineer and has just graduated as production technologist.

He worked for five years as a designer with Georg Jensen, and ended designed his own collection of jewellery for men. He has made unique geometric product designs for Rosendahl and designs the popular Trollbeads, with strong geometric expressions and several layers of meaning.

Different experiences pollinate each other

The experience package points in different directions but it actually has point. When Troels creates, all his experiences are brought into and become resources in a design universe ranging from wood tumbler series for Spring Copenhagen, lamps in wood, and gold and silver jewellery in the brand Men Up North.

"First of all, I don't belong in a certain category. To me, everything is interconnected. The fact that I work intensely in different areas and with different materials creates a world where the areas pollinate each other. I combinate the unexpected, and that creates a unique and exciting design," says Thor.

First chair from a stolen shopping cart

Talking to Thor, it is evident that he is grown up alongside a mom who is an art historian.

She gave him the space to unfold his creativity as a young kid. Maybe even more than most mums would do.

"When I was 11 years old, I stole a shopping cart, cut the sides into pieces and made a chair from the cart. I was immensely creative, separated sockets and got several electric shocks. I don't quite understand why my mom allowed me to do it, but I also painted my room in all sorts of colours," he laughs.

Wood is a compelling material

It is as if design lives in Thor. And this might be the reason why Thor works with a wide range of materials. On a daily basis, he works with material as different as steel, glass, porcelain, wood, plastic, gold and silver.

Nonetheless, he keeps returning to wood – mostly because he is trained in the business, but also due to the compelling nature of wood.

"Wood is the most flexible material. You can use for so many things, and it comes in all shapes and sizes. And then there is the other inherent quality: It makes us breathe. It is the livelihood of humans," he explains.

Thor Høy chases the poetry

When Thor Høy talks about his sources of inspiration, well-known names such as  Hans J. Wegner, Finn Juhl, Henning Koppel, Philippe Stark and Bauhaus fly around. But one surprising name sneaks into the conversation: Leonardo da Vinci.

”I am extremely fascinated by his fantasy and innovative approach to the world. He had a very investigative approach – one I think we lack in today's society. It is the same thing that lives in me. I explore, are curious, and keep asking questions," Thor explains.

He uses the questions to locate his main target: The poetry.

It is the poetry he tries to create with his designs – besides sustainability, quality and thoroughly-tested functionality.

”Poetry is important to me, and I strive to create designs with build-in poetry. It doesn't have to be great poetry, but to poetry is also when The Snowman or The Stork stand in their corner, rocking. It adds poetry and happiness to the room," laughs Thor.