Design to elicit dreams

Thomas Poganitsch

Thomas Poganitsch is based in Austria and is in love with simplicity, and birds. He creates designs that evoke emotions, memories and stories in those who observe them.

He professes a belief that good design should help people to dream. If even only for a brief moment.

In 2013, he launched his own design label, Ausflug. He did this to have freedom to develop designs that are effective beyond words. Now pursuing his dream, he attempts through his work to make us all dream.

Symphony of lightness

Ausflug produces handcrafted birds made of gold, cement and ceramic. The first bird came to life in 2013.

Thomas’ birds are not quite like other birds, however. They float like metaphors for boundaries that exist only to be broken.

And even when affixed to a wall, these handcrafted birds seem to always strive to be free. They penetrate the walls and generate a symphony of lightness.

The most immediately apparent characteristic of Ausflug birds is their simplicity. Their expression are elegant, and discreet – which means they work on several levels: As indoor or outdoor decoration, beautiful hooks for outerwear or as jewellery holders.

Functionality and beauty

It’s clear that Thomas is a philosophical soul who find peace walking through the forest in quiet contemplation.

His designs are an extension of his thoughts and reflections. It is an attempt to unify functionality, beauty and intention. That’s also why there’s often a message embedded in his designs, that goes beyond the simple use of the products.

The birds’ striving for freedom is a comment on Poganitsch’s own artistic ambitions: He aims to create designs that lead people’s thoughts into the unknown. The birds’ collision between light and shade underlines the simplicity and elegance of this project.

And it is not so important if we only dream for a brief moment before our thoughts return to reality. Humans should dream and allow their thoughts to wander freely.