Sustainable, space-saving design


Hugo Tsgaliotis’ Stooly adventure began with a journey to Southeast Asia. While there he visited densely built up areas with many small homes.

During his trip, Hugo discovered that design that uses space optimally in the small residences was a key part of the home. From personal experience, Hugo values the ingenuity of elements that are modular, stable and easy to store.

The sort of furniture that with a simple click of the fingers provides more space in the compact apartments.

Durable and robust products

Hugo brought these ideas home with him to France. And the journey to Asia instigates the development of the French design company.

Optimising space in small apartments is also an important topic in France. And his encounter with 'intelligent' furniture in Asia inspired Hugo Tsagliotis to pursue a new type of furniture. Practical, modular and easy to store in a drawer or on a shelf.

His ambition is to create products that provide the best possible experience and comfort. Quality must be high, but the furniture must also be produced at a price that everyone can afford.

Honeycomb structure

One challenge, however, was ensuring the furniture could bear the weight of people who are often heavier than those in Southeast Asia.

This is why the designers at Stooly developed a very special structure that strengthens bearing capacity: The honeycomb structure.

The structure was developed by origami and paper folding experts, and became the core of Stooly's design. It creates durable and robust products. Folded together, the furniture occupies minimal space, but unfolded they correspond to regular furniture.

At the same time, it doesn’t take much effort to fold the furniture or store them neatly. To this end, the furniture has magnets fitted at the ends.

In this way, Stooly solves one of the major challenges for small French apartments. And now their designs are spreading across Europe.

Focus on sustainable development

Stooly focuses strongly on sustainable development.

From the outset, therefore, the goal was to marry practicality, elegance, and robustness with sustainable development. So many requirements that only a material such as recycled cardboard can meet them.

And of course, words are not enough. That's why Stooly has joined forces with Reforest'Action and promise to plant a tree for every product they sell. In this way, Stooly compensates for their CO2 emissions and supports sustainable development.

This furniture of the future is intelligent, environmentally friendly and practical. Without doubt, a winning combination.