Whimsical design, humour and vivid colour


SHFT began in 2002 as a graphic design agency in Copenhagen.

The form giving duo of Benjamin Hansen and Jan Bachmann quickly evolved beyond the bounds of their purely graphic universe.

They began to work with physical installations, interior design and urban spaces. The setting for this was their This Issue store on Blågårdsgade. SHFT was housed here from 2007-2011.

It was also on Blågårdsgade that Hansen and Bachmann moved into the realm of product design. They collaborated on collections with Hummel and Art Rebels, among others.

Synergy between materials

Hansen and Bachmann always emphasised form and expression. Therefore, the mixing of and interaction between different materials was important. In the SHFT design process, intense colour materials with tactile properties rated high on the wish list.

They spiced their focus on colours and materials with humour. SHFT's design approach was characterized by stories and tales, and the two designers drew much inspiration from the classic Danish design style. In particular, they became enamoured with the design idiom and colour palette of the 60's and 70's.

Designer like Poul Gernes stood out, while history and personality-rich locations such as Tivoli and the circus were a strong source of inspiration.

Good design affects everyday life

SHFT was convinced that good design is crucial to whether products and objects will become part of everyday life and the spaces we move in.

Because great design affects our thinking and patterns of behaviour, simply because our surroundings influence us. That’s why SHFT insisted – despite their joy in colour, materials and humour – on maintaining a sharp aesthetic eye on the functionality of their design.

Functionality was the first step, but form and colour were always allowed to have their say in the overall expression.

Exceptional creative drive

SHFT’s engine was an exceptional creative drive and desire to challenge both themselves and the traditional design environment.

The result was design solutions with an extremely playful and formally distinct expression.

SHFT closed as a company in 2016. However, the brand continues to thrive and influence our everyday life with fun and colourful design.