Unique blend of play and functional design

Nis Hauge

Nis Hauge is a self-taught Danish designer. He develops wooden toys and functional design for everyday use.

He is well-known for creating  products that maintain elements of fantasy and play.

Nis Hauge is an artist-craftsman of the old school. He knows everything about wood and detailed production.

Curiosity as springboard

Nis Hauge works primarily with wood. But if a design works better with other materials, he easily incorporates natural rubber, metal and textiles.

Nis Hauge is a problem solver first and a designer second. That’s why he doesn’t concern himself with much else beyond the functionality of designs.

He evolves designs that make a difference in everyday life. But he always finds room for playfulness. Even with items such as a trivet, the playful element remains. Curiosity remains his springboard.

Toys for all of us

Toys and the whimsical are central components in Nis Hauge’s designs.

He owns Sydfyns Trælegetøj (Wooden Toys of South Funen), which creates toys that appeal to kids’ imaginations.

Nis himself thinks its great fun to create designs that mimics or performs a function. This drive finds expression in his delight at developing construction toys.

Design must withstand use

Kids’ imaginative play with other children interests Nis Hauge. He wants to set the stage for activities, where kids can discover the world.

His consistent focus on play and fantasy is visible in the designs he develops for Spring Copenhagen.

The core value remains, however, that the design must be of such a high quality that it can tolerate use. Irrespective whether it’s a toy or functional design, intended for the kitchen, the hallway or the kids’ room.