An eternally restless designing brain

Jesper Wolff

Jesper Wolff was unleashed on the world as a fully-fledged industrial designer from the Architect School in 2004. Since then he has evolved concepts and product designs for a broad swathe of Danish and European firms.

His work covers everything from kitchen and home designs to business apps. Great design can have countless and various expressions, but Wolff focuses on form, function and simplicity.

Everyday inspiration

Since graduating from the Architect School, Jesper Wolff has worked very broadly with design. He has applied his hands and brain to everything from technical products such as electrical switches, smokers’ cabins and technical equipment to candlesticks, lamps and serving dishes.

He works in design because he is curious and delights in the process of sketching and watching his thoughts grow from the paper to become real items.

For Jesper, it's hard to not think about design – his brain is simply a designing brain. He gets new design ideas as he trawls though the myriad inputs of everyday life. From things he sees, problematic issues he ponders and things he reads about.

Lengthy deliberation of Pepper and Salt Owls

For example, he mused for a long time on the ability of owls to turn their heads around as he was designing the Pepper and Snow Owl salt and pepper mills.

He found it amusing that they look innocently at you until you rotate their heads around to grind the salt or pepper.

An eternally restless designing brain could also describe his approach to design. Jesper Wolff works observantly and conceptually before he begins to concretize a thing or solution.

It's about simplifying things as much as possible without becoming too banal.

Good design is simple

Jesper Wolff enjoys exploring new materials and production methods. How various materials can be used and combined is what captivates his interest.

That’s also why he doesn’t have any single favourite material. Good design comes in many different forms and expressions, he says. But the core of good design is that it must create value or worthwhile experiences. And above all else, it must be simple.

Jesper Wolff experiences, enjoys and values good design every day. His favourite telephone app, a gorgeous chair or the especially appealing light from a lamp evokes this feeling.

In his designing brain, everything is noted, everything is archived for future reference. Because in principle, anything can contribute to the next new design to come from Jesper Wolff’s drawing board.