Innovative design, locally anchored

Christian Riis

Christian Riis is a self-taught Danish cabinet maker who crafts everything by hand. He also owns Grounded Craftwork.

Grounded Craftwork is renowned for unique furniture and outstanding wood accessories. Common for Grounded Craftwork is original design with a sense of lightness and ease.

Christian Riis designs all Grounded Craftworks products in his carpentry workshop at Islands Brygge. Here, visitors encounter an unceasing hum of activity, because Christian Riis is a sought-after designer.

Wood as point of departure

Christian Riis works with a wide variety of materials: oak, ash, walnut, linoleum and wool.

Common to all his work is that the design ultimately derives from the strengths and properties of the wood.

He handles the wood with a sharp focus on the final concept. In this way he builds a bridge between material, design and craftsmanship and creates his unique products.

Furniture emerging from his hands 

It makes no difference what material he works with. Beautiful furniture and home accessories are constantly emerging from his hands.

Christian Riis applies both modern technology and classical craft traditions in his work. He takes pride in the handcraft and creates furniture with an eye for detail and delicate care.

Only when everything is perfect, Christian Riis releases his furniture and products to the world. That takes quite a lot of effort. But when he finally finishes the creative process, he presents world class designs and interiors.

Innovative and creative milieu

Christian Riis creates all furniture and accessories in his pleasant carpentry workshop at Amager.

The workshop is an innovative and creative milieu. And there is sufficient space and machinery to evolve new products and design prototypes.

But there is also room for the human aspect. Uniquely, the doors of the workshop are always open to curious customers who want to see how Christian Riis works and creates his beautiful design.

Grounded Craftwork is innovative Danish design with local grounding.