Sustainable design with purpose


Mette Geisler Dragelykke is a Danish graphic designer who, since 2000, has founded no fewer than three popular fashion and interior design brands, namely Punk Royal, I Love CPH and Family Jewels.

Mette has also designed a series for IKEA, a fabric bag for the National Museum of Art and a T-shirt for Helle Thorning Schmidt's election campaign in 2011. She is a central part of the graphic team at ArtRebels, where she has concluded assignments for Hummel and Movia.

Now she is exercising her notable talent for design under the FaPrik label.

Designs what she needs

Mette Geisler is a woman of action. She is inspired with ideas and she executes them. She creates new designs when she lacks something herself.

A colourful and challenging approach to design is a hallmark of Mette Geisler’s work. So it comes as no surprise to learn that at Family Jewels she gained a certain notoriety for designing cushions and shower curtains with breasts, diamonds and bombs.

Mette is fascinated by the universe and the era we live in. She thinks we can, must and should take better care of the planet.

These thoughts inspire her and come to expression in her art and design. It can be seen, for example, in her Punk Royal universe, where she redesigned and made art prints on used military clothing, and can also be seen in her determination to work sustainably.

Function, aesthetics and a smile

Function and aesthetics are the core of Mette Geisler's design.

Her goal is to make a positive difference and create value for people and society. And her designs are welcome to provoke a little smile, as she says. That's what she herself responds to when she sees a design object she’d like to own.

Mette Geisler is 100 percent present in everything she does. Whether designing a wine stopper, a textile print or rethinking a shower curtain.

When you buy one of her designs, you also buy a little piece of her: The creative, playful and challenging universe that is her hallmark.