• Thomas Poganitsch

    Thomas Poganitsch is an Austria based product designer in love with simplicity – and birds. In 2013 he created his own label, Ausflug, aspiring to create design that works without words.

    Poganitsch expresses a strong belief that any design should trigger emotions, memories and stories in the mind of the viewer. Thomas’ creations are all about making people dream, even just for a second.

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  • Tonn P

    Sven Erik Tonn-Petersen (1925-2004) was a self-taught Danish designer and inventor who created a wide range of high quality designs under the name of Tonn-P.

    Tonn-P had great “appetite for life” and lived a festive, adventurous life filled with humour and joy. He was self-taught and created harmonic and functional designs in many different sorts of materials such as wood, plastic and metal.

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  • FaPrik

    FaPrik is the new playground for Mette Geisler Dragelykke, where she creates beautiful products for everyday use.

    Mette is educated graphic designer from London College of Communication, London Institute in 1999.


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  • studiobaki

    studiobaki is a Copenhagen based architecture and design firm driven by the architects Baki Katsinis and Felix Schröder with love for simple solutions and a passion for elegant detailing.

    studiobaki creates simple design with a twist and works hard to let things look easy – no matter if it is a house or just a tiny wooden box.

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  • Grounded Craftwork

    Christian Riis is a self-taught cabinet maker from Denmark, and he is the founder of Grounded Craftwork.

    Grounded Craftwork is known for its unique pieces of furniture and one-of-a-kind wooden accessories. Christian’s designs often come in series and they share the common denominator of being organically shaped with a sense of softness in the design.

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  • Jesper Wolff

    Jesper Wolff, originally spawned from the School of Architecture in 2004.

    Ever since he has been doing concepts and product designs for a wide range of Danish and European companies.

    His work comprises everything from things to your kitchen and home to technology based applications for the industry.

    What’s most important to him is the focus on form, function and keeping it simple.


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  • Benjamin Hansen

    Benjamin Hansen (1979) designs to bring his aesthetics to every-day life and has always been fascinated with the process of bringing shape and form to ideas. Benjamin Hansen is highly experienced within visual communication and hands-on production and draws inspiration from this in his product design, which can take on a broad variety of materials, shapes and colours. 

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  • SHFT

    SHFT uses patterns, colours, shapes and humour to create quality design.

    The minds behind the SHFT world of design are the two craftsmen Benjamin Hansen and Jan Bachmann.
    They have since 2002 brought their playful ideas to life and worked with urban design, architectural design, product- and industrial design.

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  • Stooly

    Stooly is a french design company and a part of Spring Copenhagen Collection: Specially selected original brands and designs from around the world that we chose to promote and sell in different markets.

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  • Nis Hauge

    Nis Hauge is a Danish designer who creates and develops wooden sculptures, wooden toys and functional items for everyday use and inspiration.

    He is known for creating functional and recognisable products in wood. He is a real old school danish craftsman that knows everything about wood and complex production.

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  • J. I. Christoffersen

    Jens Ivan Christoffersen (1928-2013) was educated as an engineer and carpenter, and created various designs under the name J.I. Christoffersen: Functional designs made to inspire everyday life.

    He lived an exciting life, and was extremely productive. He had a passion for aviation and constructed a glider from World War II on his own. It was the cold Arctic Ocean that inspired J. I. Christoffersen to create the Salt Penguin.


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