• mencke&vagnby

    Karina Mencke and Marcus Vagnby met on a couch at the Royal Academy of Arts – and over time they formed both a relationship and a partnership.

    Their designs are characterised by a creative process, importunate questions and functionality.

    They are constantly testing new ideas, with a conscious eye for a future where we need to rethink consumption to preserve the world we live in.

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  • Chresten Sommer

    Chresten Sommer is trained boat builder but it was never on the cards that he would become a designer.

    A small girl, who visited his workshop, really speeded up his fascination with wood and his work with small figures and animals in wood.

    To Chresten, the most important is the craftsmanship. And he strives to create designs that appeal to both sexes and of all ages.

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  • Thor Høy

    Thor Høy was already designing at the age of 11. In recent years he has been an in-house designer for Danish brands such as Georg Jensen and Rosendahl.

    Recently, he launched his own design brand, in which he creates jewellery, lighting, and wood interior.

    He has grappled with a lot within the design field – and now his experiences pollinate each other. As new ways to find poetry in his design.

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  • Eva Stæhr-Nielsen

    Eva Stæhr-Nielsen (1911-1976) is one of the finest and most celebrated ceramicists in Denmark.

    She began her career as volunteer but was soon promoted to chief designer within the stoneware company Saxbo.

    Eva Stæhr Nielsen’s style was innovative and her timeless designs are highly coveted among collectors allover the world.

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  • Troels Øder Hansen

    Troels Øder Hansen is one of Denmark’s most talented and most sought-after designers.

    Since he graduated from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, he has worked intensely with design and concept development in various constellations.

    Troels Øder Hansen has gained experience from several branches of the design industry – most recently he launched the products Set Up and Double Up in cooperation with Spring Copenhagen.

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  • Thomas Poganitsch

    Austria-based designer Thomas Poganitsch is in love with simplicity and birds.

    He creates products that evoke memories, emotions and stories in the observer.

    In 2013, he started his own label, Ausflug, in his ongoing quest to create designs that make people dream.

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  • Tonn-P

    Sven-Erik Tonn-Petersen (1925-2004) was a self-taught Danish designer and inventor who created a large collection of quality-conscious designs under the name Tonn-P.

    Tonn-P lived an adventurous life and created harmonious and functional designs in materials such as wood, plastic and metal.

    Tonn-P’s creativity was inexhaustible, and the Pepper Bird, Salt Egg and Caravel candlesticks represent just a tiny sample of his countless designs.

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  • FaPrik

    FaPrik is Mette Geisler Dragelykke’s new playground, where she creates beautiful designs for everyday life.

    Mette Geisler is a trained graphic designer and founded the three popular design brands: Punk Royal, Family Jewels and I Love CPH.

    At FaPrik Mette works with textiles, interior design, product design and graphics – always focusing on function, aesthetics and sustainability.

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  • Grounded Craftwork

    Christian Riis is an autodidact Danish furniture maker.

    He owns Grounded Craftwork, renowned for unique furniture and wood accessories.

    All Christian Riis products are designed and crafted by hand in his carpentry workshop at Islands Brygge.

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  • Jesper Wolff

    Jesper Wolff was unleashed from the Architecture School in 2004. Since then he has developed concepts and product designs for a wide range of Danish and European companies.

    His work encompasses everything from kitchen and home items to technology-based applications for businesses.

    Key for Wolff is a focus on form, function and simplicity.

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  • Benjamin Hansen

    Benjamin Hansen (1979) is a designer recognized for minimalist expression and play with colour and form.

    He brings his aesthetics to fruition in everyday life and has always been attracted by the process from idea to execution.

    Benjamin is based on Samsø, where island life inspires him to use new materials, forms and colours.

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  • SHFT

    Colours, forms, patterns and humour are the keywords in the SHFT design universe.

    The men of SHFT are Benjamin Hansen and Jan Bachmann, who until 2016 brought their whimsical ideas to life as partners.

    SHFT’s engine was an exceptional creative drive which gave birth to a uniquely playful and formally potent expression in Danish design.

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  • Nis Hauge

    Nis Hauge is a self-taught Danish designer.

    He develops wooden toys and functional designs for everyday use.

    Nis Hauge is renowned for creating products in wood, where fantasy, creativity and play prevail.

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  • J.I. Christoffersen

    Jens Ivan Christoffersen (1928-2013) trained as an engineer and carpenter. He created various designs, furniture and wooden toys under the name of J.I. Christoffersen.

    He lived an exciting life, and was extremely productive. He single-handedly constructed a glider from World War II.

    The cold Antarctic seas inspired J.I. Christoffersen to create the Salt Penguin.

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